Message On Hold Ideas for Taverns

Taverns and messages on holdPubs, clubs and taverns can all benefit from installing a professional telephone message on hold program; after all, they have many weekly promotions, events and meal specials. What better way to promote to guests who call their business. Their callers’ questions could potentially be answered just by listening to their message on hold program.

In our experience, it is ideal for these kinds of establishments to sign up to the unlimited on-hold packages so that they can update their programs regularly. We find that many of our clubs, pubs and tavern clients need to update their on hold on a weekly basis.

So what exactly would these guys include in their on hold program?


You spend a fortune on getting the hottest talent to play at your establishment, so make sure you advertise it wherever you can! Best of all, this is an inexpensive way to create awareness – effectively educating your core customers.

Meal Promos

Nothing gets the mind racing more, than a description of a scrumptious meal special. Be creative in your description, and make your callers hungry.

Club Memberships

Someone who is calling you has a serious interest in your venue. Make sure they know about any club memberships you have, and of course, don’t forget to tell them how it will benefit them. For instance, your members might get 20% off at the bar, a free meal for their birthday or reserved seating for a special event.

Drink Specials

This can be a taboo area, but providing you are promoting responsible drinking, then you can promote drink specials. And why not, food, beverage and entertainment is your business.


Does your tavern regularly run competitions? Then make sure to include a brief overview of your competition to your callers and make sure to set a call to action to entice your caller to act now for their chance to WIN. Even have a special competition for your message on hold program, asking them to repeat a special word when the operator returns which gives them an entry into the competition – this way you can also measure your telephone message on hold programs – and see if your callers are listening.

Seriously, a tavern, pub or club has so many different variables that can be promoted to your callers. On hold time is valuable time! And telephone message on hold is an inexpensive way to promote your products and services and to educate your callers.

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