Alcohol Advertising in Australia

Messages on hold alcohol advertisingAs we discussed in our last entry – “Taverns and Messages On Hold”, our packages are extremely popular in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry have so much to promote, and these marketing managers can see the benefit of a telephone message on hold program. Most of our pubs, clubs and tavern customers promote alcohol, however, it is monitored quite firmly here in Australia, and there are rules and regulations that must be adhered to when advertising alcohol.

Binge Drinking

When promoting alcohol, then venues must be careful not to promote binge drinking. So drinking games and competitions (competitions are a grey area) are BIG No-No’s. Basically, anything that entices patrons to binge drink is not acceptable.

For example: A venue could not advertise or offer, “free drinks after every goal scored”.

Promoting Drunkenness

Pubs, taverns and clubs cannot, and should not promote drunkenness. Therefore, it is unadvisable for these venues to promote a night or event whereby they indicate in their advertising that it will get “out of control” – insinuating there will be many drinks to be had and indicating patrons will be inebriated. Again, it is important venues promote responsible drinking, and should in no way condone binge drinking in anyway.

Limits on Happy Hours, Free Drinks and Discounted Drinks

That’s right, even the good ol’ happy hour needs to be regulated. And whilst it is a common practice for clubs, pubs and taverns to promote drink specials to get people in, they need to have reasonable limits associated with them. Again, not promoting binge drinking.

Free Alcohol

If a venue is offering a free drink as part of a meal package then the focus should not be on the drink, but rather an equal focus on the meal and the drink. For instance, if a tavern puts on Christmas lunch and offers guests a glass of champagne or beer, then they need have an equal balance on all promotional material – both food and drink.

Sexist and Derogatory Promotion

Venues aren’t allowed to use sexualised promotions – essentially promotions using language that is likely to insult or offend, offensive sexual innuendo and / or promotions offering incentives for women to dress provocatively or take their clothes off are strictly forbidden.

Underage Drinking

And of course, they can’t promote underage drinking.

These are just some of the rules and regulations governing this industry, and it is important all pubs, taverns and clubs adhere to them when providing us with information for your telephone message on hold program.

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