The Problem with Playing Radio On Hold

Messages on hold Vs Radio On HoldRadio may seem like the easy option to select for your telephone message on hold program, I mean after all, what better way to distract your callers than playing the latest in top-40 music? Well,, there could be a number of repercussions to your actions should you choose this option, and we thought it was our duty to point them out to you.

You have to Pay to Play the radio

Yep – you heard us. You are legally required to pay for the right to play commercial music to your callers. And this price ranges depending on your business size. You will need to pay fees to both APRA and the PPCA – and that could end up costing you thousands of dollars each year. Not such a cheap option after all … hey?

Promoting your Competitors

Do you have a schedule of all of your competitors advertising campaigns? Then it is unlikely that you will know when they are playing radio commercials, and even if you did, would you remember to turn the radio off? Think about it, if your competitors are advertising on that particular radio station that you are playing to call your callers, they could be waiting on hold and learning all about the specials and promotions as advertised by them. They may hang up the phone and go else where, thanks to you playing your competitors advertisements.

Inappropriate Music

You have no control over what music is played on the radio station, and at any given moment they could play a track that is completely inappropriate for your market, insulting even. Are you really willing to take that risk?

Inappropriate Content

Just like you can’t control the music, you can’t control what the radio announcers are talking about. Are their conversations in line with your company’s culture? Do you want to be associated with everything they are saying?

Professional Telephone Messages On Hold

At the end of the day, your callers will associate what you are playing to them on hold, with your company. Don’t risk putting them offside or insulting them. Instead, invest in an inexpensive telephone message on hold program. That way you can select the music that will appeal to your callers and have audio advertisements promoting your business, and not someone else’s. Contact Phone Sound today.

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